What is business hosting?

As a business owner, it’s important that when looking for a web hosting solution, you find one that meets your current needs, but that can also scale as the business grows. In your research, you may have come across Business Hosting as one of those options. But just what is it? And what makes it different from the other types of hosting options you’ve seen before?

What is Business Hosting?

Many business owners, particularly when starting out, are looking for a web hosting solution that is easy to use, cost-friendly, and meets their basic needs. For this, they often may turn to a shared hosting plan because they are generally lower in cost and easier to manage.

However, as businesses begin to scale and grow, many times these same business owners find that shared hosting simply no longer meets their needs, especially when their websites begin to experience much higher rates of traffic.

As a result, the need to upgrade to a more resource-intensive hosting solution such as VPS hosting or a fully dedicated server becomes much more necessary. The problem is that these advanced hosting solutions require much more technical knowledge in order to manage a server. The challenge then to business owners is that they either don’t have the time, required skill, or personnel in place to take on server management tasks.

That’s where Techanix Business Hosting comes into play. It is a solution that was originally created in an effort to bridge the gap between ease of management and advanced hosting while retaining the benefits of a more powerful dedicated hosting solution.

It’s an option that allows business owners to harness the power of having a virtual server or dedicated server, but in an easy to manage format similar to that of a shared hosting plan.

How is Business Hosting different from other types of web hosting?

A good way of thinking about this question is that Business Hosting is a step up from a traditional shared hosting plan, but not so advanced that it requires server management skills like with VPS or dedicated hosting plans.

Additionally, it offers more resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage limits than shared hosting does. In fact, the resources provided are more comparable to that of a virtual private server. The benefits are that it is not as costly as a dedicated solution and is much easier to use and manage.

View a comparison chart outlining the differences between shared, business, and VPS hosting.

What different types of Business Hosting plans are there and what do they include?

There are four business hosting plan tiers to choose from. The plan tiers include:

  • Bronze – An ideal option for creating one to several basic websites.
  • Silver – For higher traffic websites that run on WordPress or Joomla.
  • Gold– For more advanced eCommerce websites that run on Magento.
  • Platinum – Excellent for websites that are very resource-intensive and require the most resources available. The main difference between each plan is in the allotted resource limits for RAM, CPU, and storage as shown above.

In addition, all plans come with the following features:

  1. The ability to create unlimited websites and databases
  2. Unmetered traffic
  3. A free SSL certificate
  4. Access to cPanel
  5. 24/7 expert support

How can Business Hosting benefit your business?

Among the key benefits, Business Hosting offers to business owners is the convenience of saving time and money, while still being able to take advantage of a powerful hosting solution.

The truth is, there is no size fits all. Every business is unique in its requirements and needs. This is why having options is not only convenient but important.

At some point, businesses that are growing and getting more traffic to their websites need a stronger and more reliable hosting solution. It’s really not a matter of if, but when, particularly if the business is picking up.

To ensure that the customers visiting your website have a seamless and fast-loading user experience, a dedicated hosting solution is a must.

But the fact is, most business owners don’t want to deal with managing a server, learn how to, or hire a server administrator to manage their server. That’s where this option can benefit business owners big time.

There’s no need to do any of those things, but your business still reaps the benefits of a reliable web hosting solution that is capable of going above and beyond your needs.

Ready to get started?

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what Business Hosting is and the benefits it offers to business owners who need to scale up. If you’re at a point where you think it’s time to bump your business up to the next level, then give Techanix Business Hosting a try.

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